The 17 + 1 SME Coordination Mechanism is based within the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia.

The SME Coordination Mechanism will closely cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, as well as with the other relevant ministries and governmental agencies and bodies when necessary.

The main purpose of the SME Coordination Mechanism is to promote economic cooperation and encourage investments within the member countries of the 17+1 Cooperation.

About The Coordination Mechanism for SME

SMEs play a very important role in the economic and social development of countries within the 17+1 Cooperation. The establishment of the SME Coordination Mechanism covering CEECs and China is to promote and enable SMEs to obtain more practical benefits from the 17+1 cooperation, thus boosting the common benefits and win-win cooperation of the whole 17+1 Cooperation.

The 17+1 SME Coordination Mechanism is a focal point for SMEs within the 17+1 Cooperation. Its purpose is not only to promote the cooperation of SMEs from all 17+1 countries, but also to participate in 17+1 member countries’ relevant exhibitions, various economic and trade activities, delegation visits, training projects, forums, as well as to encourage and support enterprises to participate in International SME Fairs.

The official website of the SME Coordination Mechanism serves as a bridge and a link for the connection of SMEs from the 17+1 countries, and as a platform providing an overview of the relevant SME policies and development by each 17+1 member country. The official website is set up for cooperation contacts, database exchange and establishment of a contact network between institutions, organizations and SMEs from the 17+1 countries, as well as for facilitating business contacts, exchange of information and other matters of common interest.