About the 17+1 SME Coordination Mechanism

Coordination Mechanism for SME is a focal point for SMEs in 17+1 Cooperation. It will promote the cooperation of SMEs of all 17+1 countries, to participate in each country exhibition, in various business activities, mutual visits of delegations, training projects, forums…

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The document Budapest Guidelines for Cooperation between 16+1 Countries with “Deepening Economic, Trade and Financial Cooperation for win-win Developments” as the theme, outlining the future directions for 16+1 cooperation and inter alia encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter: SMEs) to enhance cooperation and exchanges. In that sense, Croatia as part of the 16+1 Cooperation decided to establish the Coordination Mechanism for SME as announced in the Budapest Guidelines for Cooperation between China and CEECs adopted at the 6th Summit of CEECs in 2017 that “the Participants support Croatia in hosting the 16+1 SME Centre”.

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